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Proven Education Program Focusing on Reading Comprehension

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Reading Program

Accountability and proven results through the Powerline Reading Program.

Students are tested before starting the Powerline Reading Program (Pre-test) and also tested when they exit the program (Post-test). Test results provide "hard data" which can be analyzed to determine individual and/or group progress during the Powerline intervention period. These documented, emperical scores let EVERYONE - parents, students, teachers, administrators, school boards - Know how well a student (or group of students) is doing. Powerline wants to document its claim that students make significant gains when this program is correctly and systematically implemented. Powerline wants to be held accountable.



Don't just take our word for it. Through the years, we have provided this life-changing education program to schools across the continent.

"Some of them have made phenomenal gains and have profited far beyond anything I would have ever expected. This is truly a unique program and we are extremely grateful for it."

"One fifth grade girl whose parents had always done her homework with her, became a totally independent student within 3 months."

"It often is the answer for desperate parents who become Powerlines' best advertisement when they see the difference it is making in the reading skills of their child."

"Powerline has produced phenomenal results in remediating even the most challenging reading problems within our school. Students have gained from one to three years in their reading level in a time span of six months to one year."

Check out letters from a student and a parent who experienced excellent progress through the Powerline Reading Program on our testimonial page.


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Our Story

For an education program that focuses on developing and improving reading comprehension for learning-disabled students, choose Powerline Programs in Palmdale, California. We offer a multi-sensory reading program that caters to students with a variety of learning disabilities, including dyslexia, high-functioning autism, and ADHD. We have heard several times that our program offers assistance and training that simply could not be found anywhere else.

In use for more than 40 years, this program has led to life-changing success for countless students. In fact, many of our clients who were once told they would never go to college have since earned double PhDs.

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