"Hello, I was doing random searches online and found the Powerline Website. I was a student of Powerline when I was very young for several years. Being Dyslexic, I could hardly read and had little to no reading comprehension skills. I believe that Powerline is the SINGLE most contributing factor to my current abilities as an educated person. At the age of 24, I am an avid reader, who has the strongest reading comprehension abilities of anyone I know, being able to remember every detail of what I read, I am able to really extend myself in my pursuit of knowledge.

Though sometimes I struggle having the ability to focus on verbal thought and reading, maybe before an exam or now as a teacher going before my students, I find myself finding a place of solitude to do the same exercises that I practiced at the age of 9 from your Powerline Program. I remember not being able to go to recess as a kid because of Powerline, and being very frustrated by that, but now I think about my abilities, my master's degree, and my love of reading for knowledge, and I am thankful. I hope you are still being this successful with struggling students. Sincerely, Jay W."
Contact us in Palmdale, California, for an educational program that helps students with their reading comprehension.
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