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Reading Program for Students with Learning Disabilities

Put students on the fast track to success with a powerful reading program from Powerline Programs in Palmdale, California. We work closely with teachers across the continent to instruct them how to help students with learning disabilities take their reading to the next level.

Impactful Education Program

The Powerline Program is offered to schools and some of the area directors to tutor students. Covering first grade through twelfth, this program is leased by the school board, per month, for the teacher's use. There are workbooks, dictionaries, CDs, tapes, MP3s, and teacher training materials. The audio and workbooks go hand-in-hand and are designed to be conducted together.
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With this education program, students with learning disabilities are able to read at their grade level and beyond. They also receive valuable assistance in memory training, vocabulary building, English grammar, and syntax. Additionally, we offer seminars for students with learning problems, so no child is left behind.

We train teachers on the tools necessary to foster education through seminars and in-person teacher training. These are available for a fee and are an essential way for teachers to learn how to administer the program in order to show students how to succeed in school. There is also diagnostic testing for a fee.

A Program That Works

If you have tried many other methods that have failed to work, this is the program for you. Simply put, this is the best way to learn. It is multi-duality, multi-sensory training that has been in successful operation for more than 35 years. Its use has reached nearly all 50 of the United States, as well as Canada. Its impact is not only felt by students, but adults as well.

To lease the program, simply contact us. We have a leasing contract that says what we do, what the schools do, and what we provide. This is all explained after the seminar so you know exactly what you are getting.
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Contact us for a reading program that is perfect for students of all ages.
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